A Life Like Mine

Everyday Strategies for Living With Life's Challenges

Best Seller!

A Life Like Mine

Do you want to know how to deal with everyday life's challenges? Life Expert, Linda Ockwell-Jenner, has dealt with many challenges throughout her life and has developed time-tested strategies that anyone can use!

Why Read A Life Like Mine?

  • Learn to recognize when you have a challenge in your life.
  • Discover that change is a positive force.
  • Understand how to accept every challenge as a learning experience.
  • Start to embrace new beginnings and the opportunities they bring.
  • Realize it's never too late!

As an added benefit, Linda has included a brief overview of her 6 Steps For Living With Life's Challenges™. Using some of the material from Linda's exceptional keynote presentation, this overview gives you a taste of the techniques you can use in dealing with your life's challenges.

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