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Will I Ever Know?

Will I ever know if second hand cigarette smoking played a part in my serious health issues?

I believe we all have an instinctive need to know why things are happening to us, we want to know the facts and work out if we could have changed the way our life played out.

Children are the innocents of this world, until the age when they can actually speak up for themselves. They are trapped in a world where adults know best. Unfortunately, adults do not always know best.

Many years ago I grew up in a house where both my parents smoked cigarettes and I have memories of being rushed to hospital many times in an ambulance whilst experiencing severe asthma attacks. Not knowing any better, I never thought that smoking might be part of my health issues, I was a child and until I was older I accepted how things were.

Instinctively I knew never to smoke; the whole idea grossed me out and made me feel physically sick. When I lived in my own home anyone who felt the need to smoke would have to do so outside as smoking was not permitted in my home.

Later in life I became a parent and hoped that none of my children would smoke and I educated them as best I could about the damage of smoking cigarettes.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer twice I was tested for one of the two breast cancer genes and thankfully the tests proved negative. Unfortunately that led me to a thought process of wondering why did I succumb to breast cancer if I had never smoked, led a healthy lifestyle, did everything possible to stay healthy. I will never know if the second hand smoking in my parents' home, at the office I worked in and other places where people smoked in public, played a part in my breast cancer.

Not knowing can drive some people to distraction. As for myself, at least I know I am not guilty of abusing my body and maybe causing a serious disease. I survived breast cancer and promote healthy lifestyle and educate others about the serious effects smoking can have on your health, and that helps me.

I can think of nothing good to say about smoking cigarettes, I can think of nothing nice to say about smoking cigarettes. I can only say that smoking is like burning money, it causes a nasty smell, and may lead to death, if only the next generation could realise this what a wonderful world it could be!


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