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What are Time and Stress Management?

In today's ever changing, ever busy world, in order to succeed we need to understand why recognizing we are stressed and admitting that our time management skills need working on are a crucial part of moving forward.

Stress Management can ensure we have the ability to respond to situations that occur in our lives, personal and business. Many health challenges can occur when we are not managing our stress, but in order to manage our stress we need to admit we are stressed.

There is good and bad stress. Bad stress may lead to heart disease, anxiety, eating disorders, headaches, skin disorders, cholesterol and lower our immune system to such an extent we cannot fight the common cold. Drinking too much alcohol, eating too much, not being able to sleep, shouting, arguing, feeling depressed are also signs that there may be a challenge in your life and admitting that you feel stressed means you can deal with it.

When you are a student there is stress associated with peer pressure, stress associated with achieving suitable grades, not agreeing with parental rules, the list goes on and on. In the workplace stress is ever present caused by too little time to fit in appointments, not meeting time lines, or even not getting on with the rest of the team. This can lead to serious issues down the line, and may even result in loss of a job. Alternatively health issues could lead to extended sick time which not only causes the individual to suffer, but also the place of work. Loss of productively, cancelled orders, meetings etc.

Time Management is simply being able to make choices in how we use our time in a balanced and sensible fashion. Prioritizing, setting goals and achieving those goals is a healthy way forward. Achieving a balance between work and personal life ensures we feel happier and more content. Whether you are a homemaker, student or in a place of work, time management increased productivity. There is a popular saying "WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER", believe me it really does work!

As students you are probably facing the stress of exams and wanting to do your best, but also fit in a good social life and also, very important find time to eat and sleep. Making good choices, for instance, if you are feeling tired explore why this might be. Do you lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, enjoy a hobby and also find time to study for exams, help with chores around the house and also have a social life. Maybe you find that when you get home from school you have to go to your part time job, but make sure you also find time to eat, but never late at night! When you are not working set a goal to exercise, or enjoy a hobby that relieves you of stress and afterwards you will feel more able to study for the exam and enjoy a good nights sleep.

Stress is inevitable, but we can decide how stress affects us and how we respond to it. Unfortunately, we cannot make more time, there are only 24 hours in a day, 168 in a week. So in the future, if you feel yourself daydreaming, procrastinating, or are feeling disorganized or have a lack of interest, find out why. Establish values and work ethics that will give you more time and you will feel healthier and happier.


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