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The APE Philosophy: Simplicity in a Complex World

(Written by Carrie Debrone and originally published in the Kitchener Citizen, May 27th, 2009)

On June 1, Kitchener resident Linda Ockwell-Jenner will launch her second self-published book 'The Ape Philosophy, For Everything Money Can't Buy.' Written using the pen name of Elle Eaujais, the book offers simple wisdom that can help everyone in their daily lives. Ockwell-Jenner hopes her book will be well used by anyone struggling to find how to have a better relationship with their partner, how to help their children find happiness or how to reach personal goals.

What is the APE Philosophy? The author would like that to remain a secret that only the book can reveal, but a quote from the book describes it as, "something we unconsciously do from time to time, but we don't apply universally unless we train our minds to think about it".

Through a story about people who want successful lives but do not always make the best choices to reach their goals, the book revolves around life in a town called Simple. The characters that live there all appear to have perfect lives but it soon becomes evident that they are creating an illusion of what they want their lives to be and not what they really are. As the story progresses it becomes apparent that the key characters have secrets in their lives. Some try to work out what is wrong and others chose to ignore the problems, until it is too late. A newcomer to the town of Simple knows when the time is right to speak out. The story's narrator, known as the APE Philosopher, shares his wisdom with readers about how to simplify your thought process and bring success.

"The sheer simplicity of the story is refreshing, but the book also offers suspense and a deep underlying message that, once read to the end, appears to be simple also," Ockwell-Jenner explains. "My quest in life is to help people," Ockwell-Jenner said, adding that she hopes to be able to present workshops based on the book's philosophy to school children, older students planning their career path and to parents and teachers.

Published through Volumes Publishing Ltd. in Kitchener, The APE Philosophy is available on-line at It is also planned to make the book available at Chapters and at There is also a set of six videos (four of which are currently available on YouTube) called APEs to the Rescue, which complement the book. These videos are available on DVD, along with the book, on the web site. Copies of the book contain a number, which purchasers can enter at the web site for a chance to win a prize.

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Ockwell-Jenner is author of A Life Like Mine and President of Motivational Steps, a consulting and personal development company she founded in 2001 to provide simple and practical solutions for businesses and individuals.

For further information on the APE Philosophy or to order a copy of the book visit, or call 519-893-1598


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