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What does it take to be successful? How do we know when we are successful?

Success means different things to each and every one of us. To me being successful means having a happy family life, being loved, being healthy and doing a job I enjoy more than anything. How I rate the success of my business is not based entirely on how much revenue my business brings in. My success is more of a feeling, knowing that not only do I enjoy what I do tremendously; I know other people are helped by what I do. Other people’s lives are affected by me in the sense that they take away something to think about and hopefully move on to the stage in their lives where they want to be.

In our ever-moving, ever-changing world today success for some people is purely how much money they make. How big a house they have and if they have a car and a boat they are at the pinnacle of success. That is fine for some people, but material things will not ensure personal happiness, good health and a loving partner and family.

It seems that the people who need to be successful by earning lots of money never have time to stop and smell the roses. Never have time to really relax and do the little things that are free. Going for a walk for instance, watching the leaves change from green to gold, star gazing in the deep of night and wishing on your star. All these things are free for the taking, but not taking the time to appreciate these important things in life can be a mistake.

What would happen if people who felt they were successful only because of the money they had, lost all that money? How would they feel, how would they cope? It would be doubtful if they felt relaxed enough to forget their troubles and suddenly decide to walk by a calm river and contemplate the scenery around them. In order to take advantage of our surroundings and feel completely at ease, we need to rid ourselves of the garbage we hold on to in our minds. We need to find ways to empty our head of all these thoughts rushing around and take in all the wonderful sights and sounds around us. Birds singing in the trees, ducks waddling across the road to the river, children playing innocently in the park.

When we are born we know nothing of success, our first steps are, to our parents a success. Our first words are another mark of success; our parents take great pride in announcing that their child is quite brilliant and forward and will get on in this world.

It is ok to be successful, it is ok to make lots of money, and it is ok to make just enough money to live on. The important message here is, it is also important to take time for ourselves, to take time to be with the people we love, and to take time to remember, we are not put on this earth forever, make the most of every day we have!


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