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How Will The Roller Coaster Changes In Life Affect You?

When something happens to change your life a roller coaster effect takes place. It may be that you have just been diagnosed with a terrible illness and the first emotion is one of disbelief; it can't be happening to me?

There is no time limit as to when acceptance of the truth happens, some people may only need a few days and others months.

Once acceptance is established you move on to the anger, the "why me"? Your anger can take many forms, and at this time your family and friends may feel equally angry, hurt, wanting to help you but not knowing how.

After the anger comes the need to defeat the challenge you are facing. Keeping busy, finding ways to do this, is always a good idea. Not everyone is strong enough to feel this way though and if they feel depressed and lost talking about their feelings helps.

Admitting that you have a challenge in your life was the first step to moving on; don't be surprised if along the way you feel like giving up. Talking to others who have been in the same situation as you often helps, other survivors can lead the way. If they did it, you can too.

Setting goals, having a positive attitude all go a long way to helping alleviate the feeling of not being in control of your own life anymore.

No one can guarantee that your life will ever be the same again only YOU can determine how you want your life to evolve from this point. Yes your life may have changed, but change isn't always bad, just different.

The Roller Coaster effect of being up one day and down the next may not be a nice feeling, but it's something everyone has to go through to get to where you want to be. On the days you feel down go for a brisk walk or meet a friend for coffee. On the days you feel up catch up on the things you felt you couldn't do when you felt down, and treat yourself to something that makes you feel good, whatever it is that makes you feel good, it's like a reward for getting to the point you are now.


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