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Prevention Versus The Cure

I read a newspaper recently that had an article about a doctor in the UK who had refused to treat one of his patients. The doctor’s reason was that this particular patient had a medical condition that may have been worsened by smoking cigarettes. The doctor informed his patient that he would be happy to treat his condition in 6 months time, when the patient had given up smoking. The patient complained to the higher authorities and was told they agreed with his doctor’s decision.

Many countries in the world are short of family doctors. The doctors who are trying to keep up with their many patients are overworked and, probably underpaid. I believe that if more people practised a healthy lifestyle, maybe the doctors would be better able to treat patients whose medical conditions are more serious. We are all guilty of running to our doctors for the ‘cure’ when we get sick, when in fact a cure is not really the key here. Many illnesses and diseases can be fought better if we have a strong immune system and let our bodies do the fighting, not the drugs.

Prevention does not have to be difficult: healthy diet, moderate exercise, moderation in alcohol consumption, not smoking cigarettes or taking drugs not subscribed by a doctor; recognizing signs of stress before it causes health problems. Healthy body, mind and spirit all go towards prevention. Awareness is crucial. Being aware early that you might have a medical problem and not being scared to go and seek medical help is prevention.

Why not make our lives and the medical professionals lives a bit easier, practice prevention!


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