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(Originally published in The Record, July 26th, 2008)

Re: Public Officials Should Not Accept Gifts -- July 22

It would appear acceptable to accept gifts if they are given in appreciation of work well done, say if I were to offer a thank-you gift to my assistant or to a past client. It is my way of showing someone I do care how hard they work, or that I am grateful that my client engaged me for their event.

On the other hand, I would not offer anyone a gift of money, as I believe that can create many avenues for people to ask questions and create unease. Unfortunately, whether you are a member of council or any person who may be making choices on how to spend money or decide on a contractor, and the money may involve taxpayers, then not putting yourself in a situation where questions need to be asked is a good idea.

Public officials work very hard and deserve a pat on the back, like anyone else. I just think gifts should be in the form of a box of chocolates or flowers or maybe even a voucher for a coffee.


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