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In this New Year I have come across the "Inukshuk" story twice, never having heard it before. It is a beautiful story that should be heard more in the world we live today. The story of the Inukshuk led me to a thought process about communication and how we can better our skills in that area. We can be strong as an individual, but by coming together our strengths and abilities allow us to achieve greater success.

"Inukshuk", pronounced in-ook-shook, are stone monuments erected in the image of humans.

One of their purposes was to communicate direction in the harsh and desolate Arctic.

As such they were a tool for survival, and symbolic of the the unselfish acts of a nomadic people the Inuit who built them as signposts to make the way easier and safer for those who followed. The hands of many and the efforts of an entire group were required to build these massive stone sculptures. They are the result of a consensus of purpose, of focused action by a group united in its goal and labour. The Inukshuk are the product of cooperation, teaching us that as good as our individual efforts may be, together we can do even greater things.

Each stone is a separate entity. Each supports, and is supported by, the one above and the one below it No one piece is any more or less important than another. Its strength lies in its unity. Its significance comes from its meaning as a whole. What is true about the Inukshuk is true about people. Each individual entity alone has significance. As part of a team each of us supports, and is supported by, another. We are united by our common goals, and together we are part of a greater whole.

Today, in a world of new technology, a world where we can speak to anyone, anywhere in the world, and even see those people on screen via a computer or a telephone, we must remember the essence of communication.

Many years ago communication was much more difficult, before telephones were invented long distance conversations were only possible by way of a telegram or a letter. The information found in this form of communication could be read easily, what was missing was the opportunity to listen to the other persons tone of voice. The written word cannot always convey, trust, excitement or even the personality of the person writing the words.

The importance of communication in the business world is vital in every sense of the word. Closing an important business deal involves building a relationship with each other where trust, knowledge and the belief that the deal will benefit each party involved in the contract.

Networking allows us to help each other, discover ways of working together and proves that teamwork helps us achieve greater things. We become stronger and united by our common goals.

Working in HR communication is the tool that allows us to get to know the people we work with. Communication allows us to discover the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. Knowing the strengths of someone allows us to foster a program to help that person to move forward with his or her goals. We all have weaknesses, knowing what they are gives us the chance to work together at becoming stronger. For example a person may see their weakness as being too sympathetic and spend too much time feeling sorry for the person they are trying to help. This "weakness" can be turned into a positive strength by allowing this person to attend a course, which teaches them how to use empathy to help someone move forward.

A Symbol Of Communication

Human Resources involves knowing the people around you, sensing their needs when they feel they are unable to communicate. Allowing the communication to flow freely and if this does not happen, finding ways of helping the person by forming a unity that in time brings trust and understanding.

"Today the Inukshuk are a tangible symbol of communication a universal means of speaking about our concerns for one another and our dependence on one another. Because of its history, the Inukshuk is an effective vehicle to acknowledge and convey enlightened management and human resources practices, the importance of personal contribution, responsible environmental leadership and an invitation to speak with one another on a higher level about what really matters."

I will be using the Inukshuk as my symbol of hope for the future, hope that by communicating more, people all over the world will learn to live in peace, harmony and help each other achieve their common goals!


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