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Ignorance, not Facebook, is the enemy

(Originally published in The Record, April 10th, 2010)

Social media is the way of the future. However young our children are, if they are being taught in a controlled environment and have a better understanding of risks and benefits they will flourish and prosper. I quote the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Many people think of Facebook as the enemy, when in reality the enemy is fear and ignorance.

As a parent to four children, I, too, have dealt with my fear of the unknown and whether or not my children would be safe in and outside of school. Let’s think awareness, which creates a better understanding of the rules and do’s-and-don’ts. Prevention can do more good than harm.

Last, but not least, there’s the early detection. There may be children who use Facebook already and are not aware of the risks—and there are as many risks on Facebook as there are riding a bus to school or watching TV and being influenced by movies.

The other question might be: How can Facebook/social media be fitted into today’s already full curriculum? On this I trust the school board to know how this can work. Our children and school board need our support and trust.


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