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How To Be A Survivor

Survivors come in all shapes and forms; it is possible to be a survivor without even knowing it. Being able to carry on regardless of challenges is survival enough in itself. People who are able to do this, without a second thought, do not consider themselves "survivors", to them it is just second nature.

Unfortunately not everyone can cope with today's ever-changing world, the stress involved, divorce, financial problems and illness all contribute to complicating our lives. This is when acknowledgement that there is a challenge that has to be dealt with and help is needed is vitally important. Accepting help in whatever form is necessary, counselling, talking to friends about the challenge.

Healthy lifestyle, being aware of the changes in your body, early detection, moderation in alcohol consumption, exercise, no smoking or drugs, and lots of laughter all go into the ingredients to making you a survivor. Add to those ingredients techniques to eliminate as much stress as possible from your life and positive attitude. Survivors educating others about how they survived also creates a network of positive thinking that goes a long way to ensuring you too can be a survivor in every sense of the word.


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