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After Breast Cancer, I Feel Incredibly Blessed

Walking into the surgeon's office, knowing in my heart what he was going to tell me, seems like a dream now. I tried to tell myself my instincts were wrong, the surgeon was right, he had told me he was 99 per cent sure I had nothing to worry about. I took my 10-year-old daughter with me, because she knew I had the appointment and, in her innocence, wanted to be with me at this time to hear the good news. Without even looking at me my surgeon told me he was very surprised but I did indeed have breast cancer. Silence was followed by the sound of my crying and my baby girl crying and asking if I was going to die.

I was lucky, I had caught my breast cancer early, and it was stage 1 microscopic. I had a lumpectomy, five days of radiation for five weeks and then I could get on with my life. That was the difficult part - getting on with my life, feeling normal again, feeling safe. I counted the days until I would be five years cancer free; that magic number - five years.

Year three was fast approaching and I had a new relationship, had started a small business as a motivational speaker and my life was quite wonderful. Three months after my soul mate moved in with me and my children I was once again diagnosed with breast cancer. This was not related to my first prognosis; it was in my other breast. I had the same surgeon and once again I new what he was going to say. Once again I was lucky that I had caught it early. Because of my family history it was decided that a double mastectomy was my best option. It was my choice to make and I said yes instantly. I did not want to die of cancer.

On the day they removed my breasts they also gave me implants. Unfortunately my implants had to be removed four weeks later due to a massive infection. I felt angry and asked "Why me?" After a few hours of venting and talking to my partner and children I picked myself up and vowed to turn this further challenge into something positive.

I went back to school to learn more about business administration, continued with my speaking business and felt blessed to be alive and to have been given the chance to follow my dream. My speaking business, Motivational Steps, has enabled me to pass on my important message about health & wellness and how to be a survivor of any challenge.

In August 2005, the magic five years will be here. I married last year and am now the proud author of my first published book "A Life Like Mine - Everyday Strategies for Living with Life’s Challenges", which I wrote to help others follow their dreams or learn to cope with challenges.


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