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As part of a team each of us supports, and is supported by, another.

The Ever-Evolving Lifecycle of a Team

Is your team working toward a united vision? Diversity is a key element in every successful team and embracing change ensures that your team evolves.

In this interactive workshop, we take a unique look at both ourselves and our other team members. We learn to understand everyone's role in the team and their specific contribution. Furthermore, we look at the lifecycle of a team: the phases of it's growth and continuing evolution.

Discover how the 4 C's, which are an integral part of the workshop, helps to make sure the cycle continues.

How do you Feel Today?

This workshop is centered around recognizing that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle in order for you to function best in your everyday life. You'll find out more about yourself and implement techniques to deal with stress as well as learn how a healthy lifestyle can be fun!

Linda's 6 Steps for Living With Life's Challenges™ are a valuable tool that you'll take away with you as a reminder of what you discover. The benefits include: less time lost to illness, improved life balance and greater satisfaction both at work and in your personal life.


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