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Turning My Challenge Into Something Positive

As of today, I have been cancer-free for four long years.

Looking back to the day four years ago when I had the operation to remove both my breasts, I feel so incredibly blessed to be alive and well today.

I had been counting the days from 1997, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time, until I would be cancer free for five years. I never reached the magic number of five years; I was diagnosed with a different kind of breast cancer in my other breast, just three years after my first diagnosis. My breast cancer was not a re-occurrence; it was a different kind of breast cancer.

As each year passes, some of the fear goes away. Each day is more precious to me and I think positive thoughts and concentrate on my goals for my future. I had to take some time four years ago to learn to love myself and accept my body for how it now looked - in my eyes - ugly. With the help of my wonderful partner and four children, this was made easier.

Challenges sometimes create problems within relationships; the stress can become too much. In my case, it brought me closer to the man who loved me and whom I loved. We got married four weeks ago and many people think this is a fairytale ending for me. I know there will be more challenges ahead for us. I also know that being a survivor is not possible for everyone, but when we are given a second chance, embrace it, treasure it and make it what you will.

For others out there facing similar or different challenges, remember me, and maybe this will help you defeat the challenge in your life.


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